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Writer's Block: Neuromancer

Happy birthday, Neuromancer! Since its publication 24 years ago, William Gibson’s visionary novel has influenced everything from technology to pop culture. What other novels have had such an unexpected impact?

Fehrenhiet 451 by Ray Bradbury.
I read this after watching the movie based off of the novel. And I found that the novel transcended time easier than the movie. But mostly it was the way that Bradbury talked about this "Dystopian" future that really affected me. Basically it's the reality I live in: Wall sized picture tubes (big tvs), people walking around with little seashells in their ears playing music (headphones), people taking medications to wake up, go to sleep, feel good, etc; no one actually talking to one another on a truelly personal level (everything that people talk about is superficial). it was scary.

The only thing that my reality does not have is book burning... but honestly, many people are not reading books anymore and that's how it all got started.

This book was apparently the inspiration for the movie Blade Runner. Which means, there will be some people who absolutly love this book far more than the movie and vice versa (it generally happens that way)

In the future, the United States and Russia had declaired war on one another... and somewhere, someone dropped an Nuclear Bomb... it killed many people and animals. And the people who survived had to deal with the fallout dust that was still floating in the sky. Many people immigrated to Mars and other settlements, but a few stayed on Earth. Some could not afford to immigrate and others were turned into "chickenheads" or people who's mental capacities were damaged by radiation.

To stave off loneliness, manufacterers created mechanical animals. Animals that still were fed like real animals and looked so real that many could not tell the difference. Manufacterers also created humaniod androids, whos mental power surpasses that of a typical person. Because of the implications, Earth banned Androids from stepping foot on the planet.

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I've only seen the first movie and read the first two books, but I've gotta say I like the movie more. Maybe it was because I saw the movie first, I don't know.

I think part of the problem is that in the books I don't like the girls very much, especially Lena and Carmen. They all just seem really...self-involved and catty. I get that they are teenage girls, but I think the movie did a better job of making the characters like-able.

I also liked Lena and Kostos's story better in the movie than in the book.

But who knows...this may all change once I see the second movie.

A Time To Kill

In my opinion, I find the movie version to be a great adaption of the book by John Grisham. Majority of the movie adaptions for his books are true to the plot (Except Runaway Jury...kind of misses the point with the whole gun thing, but still same idea.)

I can't go in depth, but maybe somebody else can comment? :)


I know this is a community purely for distinguishing between novels and their movie counterparts and deriving the better of the two, but I was put forth with an interesting question today that I believe only the members of this community can answer properly:

Does the ending of a book define the book as a whole?

I ask this question primarily because I am writing a novel that I think has a great idea to become made into a full feature length film. And knowing how I'm going to end my novel, it makes me realize...is this going to turn into a Hollywood ending, or will my ending stay intact?

The answer I give is: No. The ending does not define the book as a whole, but the character who ends the book defines it.

I am eager to hear the replies. And also, I apologize in advance for not doing a book-or-movie post.

Divine Secrets of the Ya- Ya Sisterhood

I just recently really enjoyed the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya- Ya Sisterhood, but all I am reading online is how much better the novel is.

So I am curious for people who have read and watched it- what are the major differences between the film and novel? What makes the movie so poor compared to the novel?
The Count of Monte Cristo

THE BOOK: 1462 pages by Alexander Dumas. Incredibly detailed, often leaves the reader without an inkling of what is going on, very thorough, long climax, enthralling after page 800. However, it cannot hold a candle to...

THE MOVIE: For those of you who miss the old Dumbledore, he is here in this film. A short role, but important and enjoyable nonetheless. The basic premise of the book is used - revenge and all - with a few characters taken out, new motives placed in, and a Hollywood romance + ending. However, the stellar performance of the Edmond Dantes role (do not know the actor's name, sorry!) is worth seeing, and if you like action/adventure films with intruiging plots (think Indiana Jones minus the George Lucas signatures), you will love this. I definately enjoyed the film, and would recommend seeing it before reading the book (it is more comprehensible this way).

Stephen King's The Mist

I know I'm a little behind on my movies, but I just rented Stephen King's The Mist and loved it!

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I suppose visualizing the entire thing makes you realize how incredibly, incredibly bleak it was, especially blocking-wise. The part where Pozzo, Lucky, Didi, and Gogo are all on the ground, was hilarious in the movie and not really in the book. I have never seen it on stage, so I could not really say. To summarize, you would have to read the book, but the movie is definately better for comprehension. The entertainment value of both is about the same.

The Colour of Magic

Today I saw a TV spot for an adaptation of Terry Pratchett's 'The Colour of Magic', due to come out Easter 2008 (in the UK anyway). Here's the spot on Youtube and an IMDB link.
Any early thoughts, anyone? I was doubtful at first when I read that Sean Astin was going to play Twoflower, but from the TV spot he looks okay. Let's see what happens. 

EDIT 16/3: Hmm, looks like it's a combination of 'The Colour of Magic' and 'The Light Fantastic'. I saw a 'Making of' documentary-thing on TV today, and the actors playing Cohen, Herrena, and Bethan spoke. Of course I might have been able to tell that earlier, because their names are on the IMDB page, but...I don't know. It had been a while since I looked at 'The Light Fantastic'.


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