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I have to be honest, when I heard that Twilight was going to become a movie, I wanted to talk about with everyone. However most people that I talk with were not interested. Though random events this community was born. Now for the actual review

I saw the midnight showing, which makes the experience a lot better. Nonetheless, this movie did not need that extra fun. Twilight was amazingly excellent! There were some amazing scenes that were not in the book, that I wish S. Meyer HAD written. And my favorite chapter, the Cullens playing baseball, was just as I hoped it would be. I only have two negatives for this movie, one was Phil played basketball in the book, and in the movie he played baseball. I know it's a tiny change, but why? It would be so easy to keep that detail the same, but whatever. The other negative is the sparkles. In the book, whenever a vampire would go into sunlight his skin would sparkle the brightest light possible. It was like spotlights emitting from his skin. In the movie, Edward's sparkles looked like crappy makeup. :(

Final thought: I will definitely being seeing this movie again!
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