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I finally saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. I enjoyed it a lot more than the books (I found the books to be poorly written and too emo for my taste), but boy did they try to cram a lot into two hours! Everything seemed disconnected and rushed. Like Lena and Leo. One minute she is happy with Leo, the next she is back together with Kostos. There was no closure to Lena and Leo's relationship at all.

My favorite storyline in the movie was Carmen's, which is funny because I liked her the least in the books. I loved her and Ian together. Out of all of the stories, hers seemed the most complete.

Even though they tried to cram so much in, I like the movies better than the books because I like the girls personalities better. They seem nicer, less self-absorbed than they do in the books. That may come down to poor writing, or the fact that these books are aimed at teenage girls and I am not their target audience.
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